• Our mission is to empower business professionals to make the right decisions based on reliable, real-time market feedback!
  • The success of an international study depends on the involvement of competent national researchers at an early stage.
  • BIG is both, truly local and truly global at the same time!


BIG is an efficient international network of independent market research companies that specialize in market surveys and research, including competitor, customer and employee satisfaction surveys. All members are specialized in B2B-research having supplied high-quality service for many years and thus earned an excellent reputation with their clients in industry and commerce. We meet twice per annum in a major European city, co-operate in a Knowledge-Sharing Forum and thus share views and ideas across borders!

“Knowledge-Sharing” means:
One or two members have to prepare a special subject, read books, attend seminars and to present the findings to the group. In addition we invite competent people from universities or market research institutions to present the latest developments and methods in MR or adjacent fields. Essentially, it is an MR seminar with an extremely good price-performance ratio!

The semi-annual discussions strengthen our project cooperation, enhance our MR knowledge and, last but not least improve our English language and presentation skills.

BIG is a strong international network with at least one market research agency in each important European country and some associated partners on other continents (e.g. China, Japan, U.S.). We have cooperated successfully for more than 15 years. Together with our associated partners we do (mainly B2B) surveys in 60 countries worldwide, in more than 20 languages.

Our clients, medium and large companies that operate world-wide highly appreciate the international potential that we provide through BIG and they prefer to work with BIG agencies as they truly “cover the world” for them.


  1. We accept one or more members per country.

  2. You should be an experienced market researcher with a focus a.o. on customer satisfaction surveys and B2B markets.
  3. The entry fee is Euro 1000, the annual membership fee is Euro 100.
  4. Participation in two annual meetings of two days each in major European cities is mandatory unless prevented by force majeure or your location on other continents.
  5. You agree to actively participate by sharing knowledge and ideas with us.
  6. You agree to adhere to BIG´s quality standards as stipulated in the “Code of Conduct”  (copy will be provided in case of interest).
If you would like to receive further information about a membership, please contact us.

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