• Our mission is to empower business professionals to make the right decisions based on reliable, real-time market feedback!
  • The success of an international study depends on the involvement of competent national researchers at an early stage.
  • BIG is both, truly local and truly global at the same time!

Your entry into new markets:

BIG has effectively helped clients to enter other European countries or markets through their extensive market analysis and market entry strategy. The specific knowledge of the local economy, mentality, culture, language and usage of BIG partners in such countries helps you to 

  • research the target market and potential customers

  • identify a best-route-to-market strategy 
  • find suitable partners, distributors or dealers
  • find local suppliers
  • identify the most suitable area or location for offices or warehouses.
The initial investment is lower and the effectiveness higher than with other solutions. Call your local BIG partner for further details!
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