• Global B2B Market Research

    Global B2B Market Research

    BIG has conducted B2B market research studies for large multi-national companies throughout Europe. Our network of B2B marketing agencies is one of the most extensive in Europe, giving you access to some of the brightest marketing talents in the world. Find out more about the extensive services that we can provide through our network of partners.

  • Are your customers happy?

    Are your customers happy?

    Gain access to a wealth of information on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Business Information Group undertakes surveys designed to help you understand your global customer base, in order to maximize your impact wherever you do business. Find out more about our global customer satisfaction research services.

  • Are your employees happy?

    Are your employees happy?

    Do you know how engaged your employees are? Employee engagement or satisfaction is a key metric in businesses around the world, directly impacting productivity and retention, and uncovering crucial information for your business. Find out more about Employee Satisfaction Surveys.

  • Are you expanding internationally?

    Are you expanding internationally?

    The specific knowledge of the local economy, mentality, culture, language & usage of our global partners helps you to research the target market & potential customers, identify a best-route-to-market strategy, find suitable partners, distributors or dealers. Find out more about our Market Entry strategy research.

  • Become a member

    Become a member

    BIG is an efficient international network of independent market research companies that specialize in market surveys and research, including competitor, customer and employee satisfaction surveys. All members are specialized in B2B-research having supplied high-quality service for many years and thus earned an excellent reputation with their clients in industry and commerce. We meet twice per annum in a major European city, co-operate in a Knowledge-Sharing Forum and thus share views and...

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Market Research Companies The Business Information Group is unique when it comes to market research companies as they are represented by independent market research agencies in most European countries and covers all comm...


Market Research Services

The Business Information Group (BIG) is a network of leading B2B Marketing Agencies. By working with us, you gain access to one or more European countries, and some of the leading marketers in Europe. We provide a wide ...

Market Research Services


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Our experience working with GIMARK has been more than successful. I would like to thank this team of professionals for their excellent job!

Carlos González García de la Barga, Business Development Director
Carlos González García de la Barga, Business Development Director
IFEMA - Feria de Madrid

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