BIG – Business Information Group

BIG – Business Information Group is an association of small and medium sized market research companies in Europe founded in Denmark in 1993.


BIG members meet twice a year for a two day conference, Friday and Saturday, in March and October. The agenda for conferences is focused on knowledge sharing and relationship Building. Typically papers is presented by members as well as specially invited guest speakers. The atmosphere is friendly and informal, with time for networking and always a common dinner at a local restaurant Friday evening.

The group language is English.

Once a year, the industry award “BIG Award” is awarded to a member who presented a case at the conference and got the highest number of votes from the other members.

Membership fee and application

The membership fee is 300 Euro per year. Our administration costs are low as the work is done voluntarily by members. However, new members must pay an entrance fee of 500 Euro.

We do accept more than one member per country.

If you would like to know more about how to become a member, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Historical background

As borders disappear and company mergers are an everyday occurrence, a new agenda for thousands of European companies has been written. As a consequence, most companies are experiencing an increasing number of foreign competitors entering their domestic markets and challenging all aspects of the customer’s buying proposition.

Free trade across European borders, coupled with a lack of real differentiators in product attributes, has resulted in fierce competition and created serious problems for many businesses. This has been exacerbated by substantial over-capacity within many market sectors.

Mergers and take-overs in business-to-business markets have resulted in companies that are fewer in numbers and larger in volume. For successful companies in this environment, the move has been from transactional selling to customer relationship management. These new, larger and internationally oriented companies prefer to deal with fewer suppliers with whom they choose to build close partnerships based around strategically important areas such as product development, product and price, distribution and service.

With this increased market globalisation, progressive businesses are looking to work with market research companies who are able to meet their needs for efficient and professional analysis both nationally and internationally. It is in response to these developments that the Business Information Group, BIG, was established in 1993.