The BIG approach

The BIG approach to multimarket research:

You have an international brief. Your Marketing Director wants to know what potential there is across a number of European markets for your products or services as part of a major international marketing campaign.

You are in a busy, dynamic marketplace. You don’t have the time nor the budget to source and commission market studies from each individual marketplace you are interested in. You need a one-stop-shop solution – an organisation which can provide you with all the information you need from all markets through a Central Project Manager operational in the country you are based in.

BIG is that one-stop-shop. BIG has been in existence since 1993 – that is over 20 years of experience with its members working collaboratively over a wide range of multimarket European projects. Each BIG member is a Market Research Consultant working on a day-to-day basis for his/her own company based within their own country. As a collective, they provide a service covering 16 European markets speaking collectively 25 languages as their mother tongue. They all have an in-depth knowledge of their own individual markets and their collective synergy can offer an international client a formidable proposition.

All BIG members keep in touch with each other on a regular basis. They all formally meet twice a year at a central location to share knowledge, experiences and business. Each meeting is structured and chaired with a fixed agenda.

All members have their own fieldforces and have the latest state-of-the-art online technology – no fieldwork whatsoever is outsourced and a transparent approach is taken by each project participant in feeding back progress and results to the Central Project Manager. The key benefits of commissioning a BIG approach of multimarket research are:

  • Multimarket research from one source
  • Dealing with one central project manager
  • Full service offer – no subcontracting
  • Personalised, transparent, flexible approach
  • Quality, actionable results
  • Research plus – strategy, recommendations, insights, ongoing feedback

Does this approach work? Theses multinationals have all experienced the BIG approach – Shell, IBM, T-Mobile, Avnet, Ruetger Chemicals, BP, Harting, and Britax.