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Most companies collect and record large quantities of data but don’t take full advantage of data to create profitable growth. ag analytics helps ambitious companies to secure relevance, precision and direction when it comes to data and analysis. This enables them to make the right decisions and fully exploit their resources.

ag analytics are specialists in strategy, data mining, statistics, and anthropology. Our approach is based on a clearly defined set of values that have been consolidated through many years of research work with ambitious clients such as NNE Pharmaplan, Peugeot, DT Group, Wolesley, DLG, Danish Agro, Fitness DK, Business Denmark, Aller Media, Schneider Electric and many others.

Our approach

To be relevant, an analysis must start with the deeper-rooted creation of value. That is why we always start with what creates value for your customers and employees, as well as why your company is perceived as unique: What exactly do customers not get, if they choose your competitor?

Potential estimate and maximization
We map the potential for markets, employees, and customers segments. As a result, decisions and prioritization in investments and actions can be based on facts, right down on 1-1 level.

Exploitation and accessibility of data
In most companies, data exist in large quantities. But usually data are not linked or grouped to provide any sense. Our flexible dashboard application ensures that results are easy to access across complex hierarchies.

Financial documentation and validation
Financial validation and link to the business case are critical criteria for success.

Some of the challenges we work with include:

  • Why and how are we perceived as unique compared to our competitors?
  • What is the value of improving the customer experience?
  • How do we predict and prevent loss of employees and sick days?
  • What is the potential of my new product? What is our market share?

Our goal is to be seen as a trusted business partner. Our customers’ problems are our challenge. All deliveries are important, and ultimately, ag analytics must deliver actionable conclusions and recommendations that improve the business.

Our history – from Analysegruppen to ag analytics

ag analytics was started in 1996 under the name Analysegruppen A/S. For the last 20 years, we have been pioneers within relation surveys and analysis. Today we are leaders in mapping and capitalizing on your company’s customer, employee and market potential using technology and our competencies.

Along the way, we have received both prizes and recognition for our work. The Danish newspaper Børsen has awarded us the title of ‘Gazelle’ business, which is given to fast-growing businesses, and we have twice won the European industry BIG award for “Best European CEM Project”.

ag analytics has offices in Copenhagen and Silkeborg.