GIMARK Investigación y Márketing S.L Spain


Goya, 99, C, 1º
28009 Madrid
Tel: 913896860
Fax: 913691535

In GIMARK we conduct every kind of survey in order to help our clients in adopting the best decision making process, no matter if it’s on Public Opinion or Marketing fields.

We use all techniques: Desk Research, Quantitative Interviews (HAPI, CATIWEB, Online) and qualitative ones (In-depth interviews, Focus groups).

Some of our products and services are:

• On-line Panels
• Corporate Social Responsibility Tracking
• Telephone Omnibus
• Evaluation Surveys
• Election Polls
• Global modeling of the brand image
• Customer Satisfaction Tracking
• Image and Advertising Effectiveness Tracking
• Exhibition Events Evaluation
• BIG 20
• Product Test (Home, Hall Test and On-line)
• Geographic Information System (GIS)

Company history

GIMARK, Research and Marketing Agency, is a Spanish Company, founded in Madrid in 1991, whose focus area is market and social research.

Our experience and a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals allows us to offer the entire range of services necessary to carry out all types of research.

Number of employees: 17

Member of professional associations: