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Caldas Xavier,nº38, 4dtº
4150-162 Porto
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Fax: +351 226095660

We already have a strong portfolio of studies related to several sectors like automotive industry, telecommunications, banking, insurance, real estate, shopping, clothing and footwear, domestic hygiene, healthcare (health and welfare), catering and tourism.
We have a team of specialist technicians, interviewers, and a large consumer panel, segmented by the age, sex, social status, products and consumer habits, entirely dedicated in making your study as effective and profitable as possible.
We believe that our ability to approach the market and get consumers to actively participate in our market research is one of the key factors in the achievement and success of our clients’ projects. Our goal is to exceed any other company in the field, by being partners in all stages of the project.


We know that good recruitment is the key to the success of qualitative research, and this has been our commitment over the years. We work with an internal and external teams prepared to recruit from all demographic groups, either through our panel, which already has thousands of entries nationwide, or through the customer database or our network of recruiters, making the collection of participants throughout the country.

DATABASE – consumers Enrolled in CNPD

Nationwide coverage
Ages 4 to 80 years
Consumption data

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest standards of recruitment for different methodologies. Here are some examples of the methodologies applied:

Focus Group
Groups / Surveys with previous work, agenda
Depth interviews (dual and single)
Escorted Shopping
Observing behaviours

RECORD OF STUDIES (facilities of the company or others)

Some of the studies that have been most requested in quantitative methodologies are:

Face to Face Studies
Hall Test and Home Test
Mystery Shopping

Company history

Indícios was founded in 1998 by the initiative of Ms Fátima Marcos, a graduate in Social Psychology and passionate about market research, an area where she started these operations even before finishing her graduation.
Challenging herself to create a company that collects information for market research oriented results of excellence, Indícios was initially focussed for the local market, after growing to national and more recently to international markets.
The cornerstone of our philosophy lies and is based on detailed field work and values such as proactivity, dynamism and innovation in the development of market research, marketing and advertising, to satisfy the most demanding needs and objectives of our clients.

We follow the quality and accuracy guidelines based on the ESOMAR and APODEMO code of conduct.

Employees with some personal information

Number of employees: 6 permanent staff, 80 interviewers
Fátima Marcos (Owner)
All team members, interviewers and analysts have own professional experience in B2C

Member of ESOMAR (World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals)