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14 rue du professeur Deperet
69160 Tassin-La-Demi-Lune
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Praxis is a research agency specialized in customer-oriented surveys for more than 20 years and continuously developing its methodologies in this area. Among these customer-oriented surveys, we offer:

• Customer satisfaction measurements and customer barometers,
• Image and awareness surveys,
• Markets analysis : market size, organization, market dynamics, key success factors, competition,
• Customers surveys: practices and attitudes, behaviours, sample groups,
• Customers feedback : analysis of their needs and expectations,
• Competition, positioning, segmentation and targeting surveys,
• Products/services survey,
• Communication surveys (pre-test, post-test…).

We also carry out in-house surveys with your staff:

• Measure of computer users satisfaction,
• Social barometer/employee motivation/social climate.

And propose suppliers and other partners satisfaction measurements as well as suppliers barometers.
Praxis, that’s:

• More than 300 client references in industrial sectors and corporate services
• A database of more than 1000 customer surveys in France and Europe
• A team of professionals made of statistics experts and senior consultants all coming from the B to B sectors, with international experience.

Praxis was created in 1977 by one of the first promoters of B to B satisfaction surveys in France: Mr Jean-Louis Dumoulin who wrote many books, including Clients satisfaits, Entreprise gagnante (“Satisfied Clients, Winning Firm”) which is still a reference work in this area.

The company expanded thanks to its new managers and associated consultants who extended the activity beyond customer satisfaction to the entire business: customers, employees and suppliers.
Beyond the technical aspects largely mastered for many years in terms of sampling or statistical treatments, Praxis has developed approaches allowing an effective use of obtained results, employing mixed teams of « statistic experts » and « senior consultants ».
1.20 years experience in surveys in B to B sectors and corporate services
2.Knowledge of most strategic sectors
3.Excellence in survey execution thanks to highly professional teams
4.Our capacity to turn surveys results into operational action programs
5.Our capacity to help you managing customer satisfaction in the long term
6.Our capacity to offer benchmarks in the industry and corporate services sectors

Praxis is completely integrated in terms of human and material ressources, Praxis covers the full spectrum of research process and guarantees you a very high level of quality, approved for many years by OPQCM french certificate in research area.

Number of employees: 8 permanent staff, 30 interviewers

Background and experience:

All team members, interviewers and analysts have their own professional experience in B2B companies which is an important prerequisite for industrial or service market research.