Stohos Research Greece


11524 Athens
Tel: 302106982300
Fax: 302106982503

What we do and offer:

Desk research – especially relevant to be offered by a research agency in Greece as most data do not exist from one source and they are in most cases only in Greek

Quantitative studies:

Surveys – in home, telephone, on line, in central location
Ad hoc surveys can be based on free find, panel or client database depending on project and situation.
Product testing, advertising pre and post testing, package testing, usability tests, price sensitivity testing.
Omnibus service with National coverage.
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Mystery shopping

Qualitative studies :

Depth interviews
Focus Groups
Creative Focus Groups
Ethnographic with home visits, accompanied store visits

Stohos Research was founded in 1980 as a full house ad hoc research agency.
We offer quantitative and qualitative services for B2C and B2B projects.
We joined the BIG Group in 2010 to reflect our expertise in market research among professionals: Healthcare, IT, Technical (among Architects, engineers or technicians) and a wide range of others that we can recruit either through our database or client database.
Stohos operates the first FocusVision facility in Greece.
We have two studios in Athens – one in Athens South and one in Athens North and a special studio for product testing equipped with Refrigerators, Freezers, cooking units and a separate product preparation area for coding and preparing samples.
All studios are equipped with high speed internet connections and can be used for online research with difficult to reach target groups.

Number of employees: 15

Background and experience:
4 Quantitative Researchers with more than 10 years of experience are project leaders.
4 Qualitative Researchers with more than 10 years of experience.
Supporting personnel for in house recruitment and in house data analysis – to secure timely and accurate delivery.
Team of professional translators for translation of documents or interpretation.

Member of professional associations:
AQR The Association for Qualitative Research