Szinapszis Market Research & Consulting Ltd. Hungary


Szugló u. 9-15
1145 Budapest
Tel: +36 1 422 1634
Fax: +36 1 422 1633
Mobile: +36 30 289 66 88

Szinapszis is the primary provider of healthcare and pharmaceutical researches in Hungary utilizing special local knowledge and experience of more than a decade. Our three core competencies are flexibility, quality and innovation. We are highly experienced in providing field work services for foreign lead agencies, but also managing multi-country studies.


• Founded in 1998
• 100% Hungarian private property
• Full service provider
• The leading independent Market Research company in Hungary
• Net turnover in 2011: 1.5 million €
• Member of ESOMAR, PMSZ, ISO certificate


• Pharmaceutical (Rx, OTC) and healthcare
• Bank and finance
• IT and telecommunication
• Retail and FMCG, tobacco
• NGOs, research institutes, education, EU projects


• 35 full-time Employees
• 2 offices in Budapest (capital) and Debrecen
• Library and webshop of own papers and studies on the pharma market
• Focus group studio in Budapest, with online streaming and simultaneous translation
• Call-center with 30 positions ,Voxco (CATI, CAWI and hybrid)
• Complete database of Hungarian MDs, pharmacists and other HCPs
• Access to the IMS (pharmaceutical sales) database in Hungary
• Szinapszis Online Health Panel, patient databases
• Access to the largest online panel in Hungary (over 150,000 members)
• Eye-tracking and analytic software using Tobii technology (T60 and Glass)
• Online qualitative techniques using world-wide providers (visionslive, 2020research etc.)
• Online community panel provider as the partner of VisionCritical

The Szinapszis Group

With the foundation of Pearl Hungary, H2Onlnie, Mystery Visit and Garda Consulting as independent, yet closely cooperating companies, the group provides a full range of market research, offline and online healthcare communication solutions, mystery shopping, HR, sales support and consultancy services on the highest level.